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OCTOBER 29, 2021
15:00-20:00 BST

The Black Transnationalism and Japan Conference will take place digitally on October 29, 2021. There will be no recordings made available after the conference, so, to avoid disappointment, please do join us live.

We welcome active audience participation and, during the Q&A sessions, will enable video and audio for those who would like to ask their questions live. We respectfully ask that, if you would like to ask your question in person, that you check your microphone and camera settings in advance so as to enable a smooth transition between questions. Conference attendees can also ask questions in the chatbox at any time.


All are welcome and we look forward to seeing you at the conference.

Figure 1 - Bankoku jinbutsu no zu cropped_edited_edited.jpg

Black Transnationalism and Japanese History Panel

15:00-17:20 BST

  • Opening Remarks - Professor Sho Konishi

  • “The Antebellum African American Press and Solidarity with Japan” – Dr. Natalia Doan

  • “What ‘Japan's Black Studies’ Teaches Us about Race and Solidarity – Professor Yuichiro Onishi

  • “Intimacy as Methodology: Black and Japanese Relations in Postwar America” – Dr. Sonia Gomez

  • Panel chaired by Dr. Lewis Bremner

Afro-Japanese Cultural Encounters Panel

18:00-20:00 BST

  • Welcome

  • “Epistemology of the Violets: Heuristics toward a Sensorium of Afro-Japanese Co-creativity” – Dr. Will Bridges

  • “Cold Japan: Grime Cyborgs in Black London” – Warren Stanislaus

  • “Afro-Asia as Neoliberal Intimacy:  Black-Japanese Mixed-Race Experiences in Contemporary Japan” – Professor Marvin D. Sterling

  • Panel discussant - Dr. Mateja Kovacic

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